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Since its inception in 2015, the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme has systematically built the foundations, both digital and cultural, that have enabled Scotland’s citizens to benefit from the range of digital public health and care services that became a lifeline for many during the COVID pandemic.

Over time we have built strong partnerships and collaborations across government departments; local government; health boards; scrutiny, improvement and membership bodies; delivery and advocacy organisations and citizens themselves. It is the strength of these sustained partnerships that has enabled us to build national capacity over time and allowed for the necessary acceleration of implementation in response to the pandemic.

Our vision is that Scotland is an international leader in TEC, supporting more people to live longer, healthier lives at home or in community settings.

Contact us at nss.tec@nhs.scot

Digital Citizen Delivery Plan 21-22

Digital Citizen Delivery Plan 2021-2022

We have set out four key strategic priorities for 2021/22 through which we will deliver our objectives. The range of programmes and deliverables set out are mutually supportive, but for ease of reading the main programmes are each set under one of the priorities, although they contribute to all:

  1. Addressing Inequalities and Promoting Inclusion
  2. Engaging citizens, staff and services through Co-design and Participation
  3. Redesigning Services – Improving Citizen Access/Promoting Wellbeing
  4. Innovating to Support Transformation

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Meet the Team

TEC Programme Director

I am Head of Technology Enabled Care and Healthcare Innovation within the Digital Health and Care Directorate of the Scottish Government.

Digital Citizen Delivery Board Chair

Chaired by Peter MacLeod, our cross sector Digital Citizen Delivery Board provides strategic direction, rigorous governance and oversight of activity funded through the programme.

Programme Manager

I have been working on the TEC Programme since 2014 as its Programme Manager. My responsibilities include ensuring our programme deliverables and budget are all kept on track. Before the TEC Programme I worked for both IBM and NHS National Services Scotland on large scale IT Programmes .

Policy Officer

I lead on the delivery of Scotland’s Digital Maturity Assessment for Health and Social Care and support ministerial priorities around digital health and care.  I am interested in how Scotland can transform its health and social care service through the use of technology. 

Workstream leads

Head of Programme – Near Me & Digital Hospital at Home
TEC in Housing Lead
Connect Me National Strategic Lead
Head of International Engagement
Social Care Lead/Telecare Lead
Digital Mental Health National Advisor