BP Scale-Up

Scaling up Blood Pressure Monitoring 2018-2021

Like all of our Technology Enabled Care developments in Scotland we are building on our experience and lessons learned. In a collaboration between Primary Care, Scottish Government, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and TEC, the objectives for this work are: 

  • Expand & accelerate the use and adoption of HMHM for BP across Primary Care 
  • Extend reach to a further 20,000 citizens by 2021
  • Increase uptake to above 50% of Primary Care Practices across Scotland
  • Support Large Scale redesign of hypertension management – whole pathway focusing on supporting Diagnosis, medication management and long term monitoring

Home Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

NHS Scotland is scaling up the use of text messaging to manage blood pressure in line with the Scottish Government priority for 2020/23.

People are already using this system successfully to send in blood pressure readings to their General Practice, saving them appointments and time away from work or caring responsibilities, while helping them keep their blood pressure at safe levels. 

Where appropriate, patients are given a blood pressure monitor and instructions but see the video below for further explanation.

Blood Pressure Monitoring in Primary Care

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland, NHS 24 and the Scottish Government TEC Programme are working together to integrate remote monitoring of blood pressure using a digital health solution.

The digital health solution allows readings of  blood pressure taken by a citizen at home, for an agreed period, to be simply texted to the digital health system. Relevant clinicians are then able to view the readings and give feedback if appropriate.

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