Digital Knowledge and Skills

Having the confidence to make the most of digital tools and services requires staff in all sectors to have the necessary capabilities to use and exploit digital for themselves and the people whom they support.

What you need to know and apply will depend on the requirements of your role and your appetite to get involved. However, it is clear that whether you are working in health, housing, social care or independent care settings, whether your role is a service manager, front line staff, education provider or student, understanding and using digital solutions is crucial.

Workforce capabilities

The possibilities for digital health and care tools and applications in different settings and with different users are increasing all the time. Understanding the basic terminology around this topic and the key health and care drivers which inform how we develop digitally enabled services is an essential first step for staff working in any health, care provider, local authority or housing organisation. 

That’s why, in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland the TEC programme has supported the Introduction to Technology Enabled Care (TEC) learning resource.

The resource provides access to learning and practice support resources to help staff to embed digital health and care into practice and support Scotland’s ambitions for the transformation of health and care services with digital at the heart of workforce practice

The resource includes a research report, elearning module and highly relevant workforce stories. The learning resource is available free of charge and is aimed at staff in the health and care sector who work in NHS Scotland, local authorities, the voluntary/third sector, the independent (private) sector and/or housing.

To access the elearning module you will require a TURAS login. Anyone who works or volunteers in or with the public sector in Scotland (including third/voluntary sector or if you work in care homes, care at home or day care) can sign up for a free Turas account.

Technology Enabled Care

An e-learning module

Workforce stories

Watch our workforce stories from health and care professionals across Scotland, to find out more about different types of Technology Enabled Care

Supporting the Workforce

Supporting Scotland’s Workforce

Technology Enabled Care Research Report November 2017

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