Citizens, co-design and TEC

Working with Young Scot to inform TEC

The (TEC) programme, working in partnership with Local Government Digital Office, Digital Health and Care Institute and other stakeholders, have been working with Young Scot for the past 2 years. 

The purpose of this exciting work included creating Panel of young people who were tasked with looking at the strategic development of digital technology in health and care.

This panel has worked with TEC team to begin to shape ideas, solutions, and recommendations for improving digital health and care in Scotland, building upon the work of Young Scot’s Technology Enabled Care report, launched in 2018.

This innovative approach has involved a mutual shared learning and experience for all involved. The young people are working with experts from across the health and care sector to look at how digital technology can be used to address health and wellbeing issues for all those living in Scotland and influence changes to the ways in which services are delivered.

In December 2020 the output of this work was published as the report #TECScotland: health and care in a digital future.

Also in December 2020, at DigiFest event Young Scot and the TEC Panel participated in the virtual event and described their experience. Go to the DigiFest2020 playlist and scroll down to view the session.

Page of a report by the Young Scot TEC panel members. Photo of some of the panel members and the heading Vision.

 Test of Change Methodology

Since 2016, the Technology Enabled Care Programme has funded rapid action based improvement studies in the form of “test of change” projects. These initiatives are aimed at helping;

  • The development of a better understanding about the opportunities to leverage technology in the delivery of health and care service improvement
  • Identify and understand the barriers to adoption for new ways of working using new     digital tools/services
  • Generate operational evidence about what these new approaches are delivering.

The projects use a process improvement approach comprising of a number of cycles (30 days each). These cycles iterate the activities of Plan, Do, Study, Act

This approach supplements the many ways that the programme gather and shares practical learning and are one of the more formalised channels of intelligence gathering about what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to using technology to support service transformation.

Previous Tests have included

  • Reducing the number of primary care appointments using remote monitoring across a number of services (e.g. asthma, hypertension)
  • Reducing travel for patients accessing services in remote areas of Scotland
  • Offering low cost technology solutions (such as GPS) to increase independence, choice and control to people living with Dementia
  • Supporting the increase in access to video consultations

Technology Enabled Care Tests of Change 2019/20

We have inviting applicants to participate in our 2019/20 Tests of Change initiative and successful candidates will be informed by end of the day Friday 6th September 2019.

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