International Engagement

Engagement with international colleagues working in the field of digital health and social care is essential in establishing positive relationships and building on Scotland’s global reputation for the quality of our digital health and care services. 

Our vision is that innovation in digital health and care will help the Scottish population to live longer and healthier lives, while creating new jobs for the economy. Engagement with other regions and countries is vital to:

  • ​identify development opportunities for Scotland and build relationships and partnerships to support the development of high quality digitally enabled services in Scotland; 
  • ​continue to represent Scotland in relevant international networks; 
  • ​learn from others and to capture and share good practice locally, nationally and internationally. 

The role of the International Engagement Team (IET), which sits within Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation, is to implement the activities in its International Engagement Action Plan.

The International Engagement Team (IET) has established an extensive network of relationships across the digital health and care landscape and works closely with a range of national and international organisations from: health, social care and housing, third sector, policy, academic sectors to develop sustainable digital health and care services.

The IET focuses on the following 3 areas of activity:

1. Global Outlook and Reputation 

  • Active engagement with Scottish stakeholders to promote benefits and opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer with international networks and stakeholders. 
  • Undertaking speaking engagements and participating in relevant international conferences / events that promote Scotland’s reputation in digital health and care and integrated care. 
  • Organisation of knowledge transfer and learning activities on digital health and care and integrated care between Scotland and international stakeholders.

2. Relationships and Partnerships 

  • Active participation in international networks – promoting Scotland as an attractive collaboration partner and seeking out opportunities for knowledge exchange.
  • Developing bilateral relationships with international regions to maximise exchange of good practices, opportunities for research, innovation and identify new funding.

3.  Securing Investment in Digital Innovation

  • Identifying relevant funding opportunities for digital health and care developments.
  • Securing new funding for digital health and care innovation activities in Scotland.
  • Working with enterprise and government agencies to seek and exploit international opportunities for Scottish SMEs and inward investment by international stakeholders’ in Scotland.

​The Team is based in National Services Scotland and is led by Donna Henderson, Head of International Engagement. To find out more about the Team’s activities and the International Engagement Action Plan for TEC & Digital Healthcare Innovation, please contact Donna Henderson and follow @TECScotland

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