Using TEC to Redesign Services: Transforming Local Systems (TLS)

Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme

What is the Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme?

The Programme is adopting the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD) as a particular, helpful approach to transforming local health and care systems, supporting prevention and self-management, incorporating digital technology, where it makes sense to do so.

Four pathfinder areas have been selected to test this design led approach in relation to an important aspect of system transformation across their health and social care partnerships (hscp).

People rightly want services which assist them to live well and support their needs. Instead they too often experience services which are disjointed. As a result they are not supported in a holistic way.

Why the Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme?

We want to get to a place where services are designed with and for people; to deliver preventative and digitally-enabled services and supports which respond to the needs of citizens.

The Digital Health and Care Strategy, published in April 2018, includes a commitment to embed the SAtSD in delivering products and services that meet citizens’ needs. This includes sustainable, fit for purpose service models, and focus on service transformation, taking full advantage of digital approaches.

Who are the Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme?

The Pathfinder Programme is a collaboration between the Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme with Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s ihub, the Office of the Chief Designer and Scottish Government Health & Care Integration, alongside several Health & Social Care Partnerships and their local partners.

Where is the Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme Happening?

The programme has Pathfinders in four areas of Scotland: Aberdeen city, East Ayrshire, Highland and Midlothian. These areas are working on redesigning services within their partnership. They also have named partners in other areas which currently are: Western Isles, Orkney, Glasgow city and South Lanarkshire

When is the Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme Happening?

We are expecting the Pathfinder Programme to run for at least two years from April 2019, with the potential to extend for a further year based on a review of impact and effectiveness. The TEC programme has made a significant funding commitment to this programme of work – up to £700k for two years, with the intention to fund for an additional third year. This will secure capacity at local level, and the relatively high levels of funding reflect the transformative ambition of the programme and should ensure priority and profile is given to it, both locally and nationally.

Aims and Objectives

This is a national programme which seeks to:

  • facilitate local and hscp to design preventative and digitally-enabled services and supports, through participation with citizens by using the SAtSD
  • test whether the SAtSD is compatible in the context of the transformation of health, housing and care
  • establish a repeatable and adaptable way of supporting local partnerships through a national team of experts from a variety specialist fields.
  • share the learning from the programme’s use of SAtSD to inform wider transformation programmes

The pathfinders share a common focus on principles which can be summarised as:

  • Prevention -Transformation of local health and social care services using digital technology to shift local delivery upstream to prevention and self-management.
  • Person centred – Developing services with and for citizens, users of those services and carers
  • Place oriented – Focussing on particular localities or self-identified communities
  • Partnership inclusive – Equally including housing, independent and third sectors
  • Personal outcomes – Contributing to improved personal and service outcomes and relevant national indicators

Success Path

To get there we are testing the SAtSD with the four ‘Pathfinder’ areas across Scotland, with the support of a wider network of named partners and interested parties. These pathfinder areas have committed to using the approach and to redesigning services co-productively.
In order to support the pathfinders we have developed, and continue to test, a model of national support which includes a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team providing:

  • national co-ordination, support and being a critical friend, ie constructively questioning
  • design expertise including learning sessions and coaching in the application of the SAtSD
  • subject expertise on technology enabled care
  • knowledge exchange and skills development
  • development and sharing of materials and tools
  • support to identify and address barriers for Pathfinders that require co-ordinated support from national agencies using a case by case approach

We aim to share learning by supporting knowledge exchange through:

  • funding the engagement and support of ‘named’ partners to support and constructively challenge lead pathfinders; this will result in increased uptake and engagement with the principles underpinning the process for hscp
  • developing a cloud-based platform of evidence, case examples and other information
  • deploying social media, visual materials, bulletins, webinars, engagement in national and local events as appropriate, website presence and publication of resources and evidence
  • feeding back to contribute to the future development of the SAtSD
  • working with partner organisations and people who influence opinion to raise awareness of the approach and its impact
  • support for an integrated approach to evaluation

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