Video Enabled Health and Care

Consultations via Video

With the aim of citizens receiving health and care services as close to home as possible, the Technology Enabled Care Programme has supported the development and scale up of a web-based solution to provide video consultations from within a web browser. 

Using the Attend Anywhere platform, services have been developed across Scotland under the Near Me service name.

To test the system, click on the Start video call button.

What is Attend Anywhere?

Attend Anywhere is a web-based platform that helps health care providers offer video call access to their services as part of their ‘business as usual’, day-to-day operations.

Apart from internet access, all people need to use Attend Anywhere a Chrome or Safari web browser on a suitable device (PC, Laptop, Macbook or Android or iOS smartphone or tablet). Computer users will also need a web camera (usually built into laptops).

Full details of the system can be found on the Attend Anywhere resource centre.

How do people use Attend Anywhere? 

Instead of travelling to their appointment, patients or service users enter the clinic’s online waiting area from a web browser on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. The service is notified when they arrive, and a provider joins the consultation when ready.

Support for users

The Attend Anywhere system is managed and supported by the National VC Team, hosted by NHS Grampian.  The team provide:

  • Management of the Attend Anywhere platform
  • Setup of new waiting areas and creation of admin accounts
  • Telephone support for staff
  • A call back service for patients (a support call should be logged by a staff member and the VC team will phone the patient back when they are available)
  • Admin training

Getting Started

If you want more information on using the Attend Anywhere system, please contact the National VC Team to arrange a demo by emailing

The Resources section on the National VC Team website is a great place to start if you are looking for help to improve any aspect of using video enabled health and care. 

On-line help

A wide range of support materials are available on the Attend Anywhere Resource Centre.  This includes guidance on how to set up a new video consulting service, technical guides and resources for both staff and patients. Information in the Discover section is freely available, however accessing other section will require your Attend Anywhere username and password.

To learn more about the progress of this work – take a look at these reports.

Additional Resources

Meet the team

Hazel Archer, Digital Access Programme Lead, Scottish Government

Hazel Archer

Hazel is a Statistician by training and has a background in IT and Project Management. She joined the Health Service in 2003, as a project manager to set up a paediatric telehealth service before joining the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare. She currently leads the Technology Enabled Care work-stream scaling-up the use of the Attend Anywhere / Near Me video consulting platform along with supporting the Scottish Access Collaborative’s remote consulting challenge.

Dawn Robb, Project Manager

Dawn Robb

Dawn is a project manager with NHS National Service Scotland. She has supported the programme since its launch in 2016 and has worked with services across Scotland to promote and extend the service. Dawn currently loves a good night’s sleep, when she can get one.

Yvonne Leathley

Yvonne has gained experience working in local authorities, private sector and third sector organisations managing organisational change, HR and workforce development.

Yvonne has engaged with the Aberdeen City Community Planning Quality Improvement network since 2015 and has worked in a Quality Improvement role with the Care Inspectorate since 2018.

Yvonne is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, has an MBA and is a supporter of continuous development – both personally and in the workplace – and is working closely with projects around Scotland introducing video consultation in a variety of settings.

Jill Gordon

Junior Project Manager, NHS National Service Scotland. Jill manages and supports projects throughout various stages of the project lifecycle. She has worked in both the private and public sector including creative, charity and health organisations. Working alongside Yvonne, she is supporting both the Scale Up project work along with Care Homes roll out of VC capability. She loves learning, cats and coffee.

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