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Near Me Public Engagement

During June-August 2020, a national public engagement exercise took place to understand the general public and health professionals’ views on using Near Me video consulting. Over 5,000 responses were received and strong support for Near Me was found. Part of the exercise was the co-production of an Equality Impact Assessment.

Near Me Public Engagement executive summary

Near Me Public Engagement full report

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for Near Me

This EQIA assesses the potential impacts of protected characteristics, socio-economic factors, and remote and rural factors on the use of Near Me video consulting. The public engagement that fed into this EQIA found both benefits and barriers for each group: this challenges some of the generalised assumptions that are made about using video consulting. The EQIA considers both national and local mitigation strategies to address barriers to accessing the service.

Full EQIA for Near Me (version 1, approved 26 August 2020)

EQIA Appendix 1 (supporting evidence)

Near Me Evaluation Report and Summary 23 July 2020

Full Report:

Summary Report (this is the Executive Summary of the Full Report):

Near Me Work Plan and Review

The following articles provide an outline of current work by the national Near Me team. The Near Me work plan describes the work that will be undertaken by the national Near Me team over the next six months. The Near Me review is a summary of the 12-week scale up of Near Me in response to Covid-19 during March-June 2020:

Vision for Near Me (May 2020)

This document describes the vision for how Near Me video consulting will be used in health and care services in Scotland. It is designed to inform plans within local organisations, and is endorsed by the Cabinet Secretary and Scottish Government.

Near Me

Benefits of Using Near Me

The Scottish Mental Health Service for Deaf People (SMHSDP) supports people who are deaf and require mental health support. The service supports people who communicate using methods such as British Sign Language (BSL), lip reading, or by using deafblind manual.

In this case study, the SMHSDP share their success in installing and using Near Me to support people who access their service during the Covid 19 pandemic .

Here are some short film clips where clinicians explain how they have been using Near Me and some of the benefits

Dr Rob Waller Consultant Psychiatrist and Digital Mental Health Lead NHS Lothian
Dr Paul Baughan GP in Dollar NHS Forth Valley
Dr Mark Spears Respiratory Physician NHS Forth Valley
Dr Andrew McElhinney GP in Denny NHS Forth Valley
Dr Steve Turner, Paediatrics, NHS Grampian
Katie Wilkie and Lynne Main, Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy, NHS Lothian
Rocco Bilancia, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Golden Jubilee Hospital

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