Policy, Guidance & Advice

Sector guidance for easing lockdown

Test and protect rolled out nationally

Scottish Government COVID-19 Advice – with links to regularly updated advice

11 May 2020 – Second Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Government COVID-19 Information Governance Guidance – includes use of email

Scottish Government News update – Looking after each other during COVID-19 The Scotland Cares – Caring Communities campaign aims to support the work already underway that has seen thousands of people and communities look after each other, whilst making it clear how they can do it safely. Find out more at

COVID-19 Guidance on Information Governance

Information Governance COVID-19 IG Advice

COVID-19 Information Governance Advice

Information Commissioner’s Office Blog: Community groups and COVID-19: what you need to know about data protection.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland – supporting the Near Me roll out across primary care, obstetrics, community midwifery and mental health.

Scottish Government,  Healthier Scotland – Clear Your Head. Tips to help look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support – resources for staff on TURAS

Digital Mental Health Services
The Scottish Government has announced an additional £3.8 million in funding for mental health services in response to COVID-19.

Mental Welfare Commission COVID-19 Advice for people using services and their families / carers.

Social Care Institute for Excellence COVID-19 Supporting autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

Communication for people with sensory loss during the COVID-19 pandemic: advice for health & social care staff.

Domestic Abuse and Child Welfare: A Practice Guide for Social Workers – Domestic abuse during COVID-19 24 April 2020

Strengthened clinical oversight for care homes 17.05.2020

Microsoft Teams and new on TURAS

NHS Inform – COVID-19
Resources include: check your symptoms, government advice and advice when caring for others.

Update to COVID-19 Symptoms Statement from the four UK Chief Medical Officers

Testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) is to be opened out to everyone who is symptomatic over the age of five.

Public Health Scotland will be publishing weekly reports to provide a narrative around the statistics and data that are routinely published on COVID-19.

Young Scot
COVID-19 Resources include: FAQs, Interview with the First Minister and National Clinical Director, Jason Leitch and links to relevant resources.

ORCHA (which works with the NHS to assess and build apps) Coronavirus: Apps to help self-management

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have updated the remote consultation resources in response to COVID-19

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Third Sector Information Hub – resources, guidance & links to info that could help support your charity, social enterprise, community group or voluntary organisation.

Scottish Government – extra support for charities. Properties occupied by charities can now apply for the £10,000 Small Business Grant Scheme to help with pressures caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government COVID-19 Telecare Service Continuity Guidance

COVID-19 Telecare Update. Produced by the Scottish Government TEC Programme, TEC in Housing and Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government.

COVID-19 Updates – produced weekly from 30 March 2020. Previous TEC updates accessible here.

Guidance for antenatal and postnatal services in the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – information for healthcare professionals. Produced by the RCM and RCOG

Scottish Social Services Council Workforce Guidance for Employers

Scottish Social Services Council COVID-19 Updated guidance and resources for registration, staff wellbeing, recruitment and more.

Care Inspectorate guidance for services in response to COVID-19

Health Protection Scotland COVID-19 Guidance​

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) educational and induction resources for all  health and social care staff deployed or redeployed to support services.

Scotland’s AI Strategy – consultation extended to 22 May 2020

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social services (Iriss) are providing support during COVID-19:
Responsive technical help – If you are having difficulty getting something on your computer, tablet or phone to work, Iriss is here to help and Publishing support – if you are working in social services and need help to publish content on your own website, or are looking to create something new, we can help.

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