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Near Me Work Plan and Review

The following articles provide an outline of current work by the national Near Me team. The Near Me work plan describes the work that will be undertaken by the national Near Me team over the next six months. The Near Me review is a summary of the 12-week scale up of Near Me in response to Covid-19 during March-June 2020:

Vision for Near Me (May 2020)

This document describes the vision for how Near Me video consulting will be used in health and care services in Scotland. It is designed to inform plans within local organisations, and is endorsed by the Cabinet Secretary and Scottish Government.

Benefits of Using Near Me

The Scottish Mental Health Service for Deaf People (SMHSDP) supports people who are deaf and require mental health support. The service supports people who communicate using methods such as British Sign Language (BSL), lip reading, or by using deafblind manual.

In this case study, the SMHSDP share their success in installing and using Near Me to support people who access their service during the Covid 19 pandemic .

Additional Resources

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