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Technology Enabled Care is defined as “where outcomes for individuals in home or community settings are improved through the application of technology as an integral part of quality, cost effective care and support”.

Launched in late 2014, the TEC Programme is a Scotland-wide programme overseen by the Scottish Government,  designed to significantly increase citizen choice and control in health, well-being and care services.

The Programme was set up to respond to the need for service transformation in the context of rising demand for health and social care. By providing central funding to a dedicated programme, the aim is to drive deployment at a local level alongside national infrastructure and support work, and to place Scotland at the forefront of innovative approaches to technology enabled care.

Our vision is that Scotland is an international leader in TEC, supporting more people to live longer, healthier lives at home or in community settings.

Contact us at : NSS.TEC@NHS.SCOT

Delivery Plan for 2021/22

Find out more on our strategic priorities and key deliverables

TEC Scotland – Technology Enabled Care at The Scottish Government

We have set out four key strategic priorities for 2021/22 through which we will deliver our
objectives. The range of programmes and deliverables set out are mutually supportive, but for ease
of reading the main programmes are each set under one of the priorities, although they contribute to all:

  1. Addressing Inequalities and Promoting Inclusion
  2. Engaging citizens, staff and services through Co-design and Participation
  3. Redesigning Services – Improving Citizen Access/Promoting Wellbeing
  4. Innovating to Support Transformation

Who We Are

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