Connect Me: Remote Health Pathways

Remote Health Pathways are the use of digital monitoring technology to enable citizens to receive, record and relay relevant information about their current health and wellbeing. It is used to guide self-management decisions by the user / patient and to support the health and care team in their treatment and care planning. The pathway doesn’t rely on the health or care professional or patient being available at the same time (i.e Asynchronous).

Our aim is to provide people with safe and effective solutions for health condition management by engaging with our strategic partners in Health and Social Care Partnerships and Territorial Health Boards.

It can help people better understand their conditions and encourage them to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing while reducing time spent travelling and attending appointments.  It also supports health and care services improve treatment and care planning by providing better availability of information to assist diagnosis and early intervention.

In collaboration with our partners we have been working to identify a number of key priority services and develop digital pathways to support them. To find out more about these digital pathways please navigate through the available services on the right hand side of this page.

Please click the links below to access the Remote Health Pathways Sway Newsletters.

You can expect information about the Inhealthcare pathways (live and in development), the BP scale-up programme, the RHM National Procurement, GP DACS, Digital Dermatology in association with the MPP Programme, and innovation items in association with DHI.

RHP Sway Newsletter - November 2021

RHP Sway Newsletter - July 2021

Contact the TEC team at to find out more about any of the remote health monitoring pathways or fill out this form letting us know which health board you work for and which pathway you are enquiring about.


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