Asthma Secondary Care

The asthma remote health pathway has been developed to allow remote monitoring of severe or difficult to control asthma patients by their specialist respiratory nurse / consultant, to enable:

  • Early identification of severe asthma patients and timely clinical review for those in most need, based on alerts created by defined objective measures
  • Patients treated with biologic therapies demonstrate effectiveness / capture improvement and titrate based on objective measures
  • Improved care for those at most risk of exacerbation / A&E attendances by promoting self-management strategies and adherence to asthma action plan

This digital service is delivered using the Inhealthcare platform. This was procured under the emergency legislation to support the Covid-19 pandemic response and remobilisation of health services. 

Asthma Service

The Asthma Service is simple and easy to use and it helps people understand their asthma and better manage their symptoms.

The system reviews responses and readings providing immediate feedback and advice specific to the patient helping them manage their symptoms in line with the Asthma UK Action Plan.

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