The COVID-19 remote health pathway has been developed to allow remote monitoring of patients diagnosed with COVID-19: either clinically or positive test result and symptomatic, considered at increased risk of deterioration based on age, underlying conditions, or presenting symptoms.

This digital service is delivered using the Inhealthcare platform. This was procured under the emergency legislation to support the COVID-19 pandemic response and remobilisation of health services.

COVID-19 Service

The COVID-19 Service is simple and easy to use, improving early detection and intervention around the management and support of COVID-19 patients, and improving patient's confidence with technology and self-management of COVID-19.

The system reviews the patient health questionnaire responses, and Sp02, heart rate, and temperature readings. The system provides immediate feedback and advice specific to the patient, helping them manage their symptoms.

A rapid review of evidence for remote monitoring for COVID-19 can be found here, along with a recent international systematic review  here.


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