Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The IBS self-management remote health pathway has been developed to promote a holistic approach to the self management of IBS related symptoms. Benefits to service users and the Nutrition and Dietetic Service include reducing the time between referral and patient receiving initial advice/ support, Reducing the number of outpatient visits for IBS patients, strengthening patients knowledge and skills to enable self management and delivering care as close to home as possible.

This digital service is delivered using the Inhealthcare platform. This was procured under the emergency legislation to support the Covid-19 pandemic response and remobilisation of health services.

IBS Self-Management Service

The Inhealthcare IBS Self-Management Service is simple and easy to use and it helps people understand their IBS and better manage their symptoms.

The Inhealthcare system reviews responses and readings providing feedback and advice specific to the patient helping them manage their symptoms.

Explore our IBS patient guidance and further information.

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