Near Me

The Scottish Government Near Me programme aims to provide the people of Scotland the choice to attend health, care and other appointments via video call where appropriate. 

Near Me is used to enable health and care students across a variety of academic institutions to achieve their learning outcomes. Students use Near Me to join clinicians seeing patients during in person consultations to take part in "authentic conversations". Students also interact with "volunteer" patients during consultation scenarios using Near Me. Practice based learning opportunities are also undertaken during the "remote" elements of a student placement.

By marc.beswick, Fri, 30/12/2022

Near Me has been used in Dentistry both at a trainee level and in practice. 

Near Me has also been used on the island of Tristan da Cunha more than 6,400 miles from Scotland and the most remote inhabited community on earth. Read about this here

By Ken.Monaghan, Tue, 22/02/2022

This checklist is designed to help you when supporting a caller in a test call prior to a consultation or a group starting.

If you want to see someone immediately, perhaps moving up from a telephone consultation, you can use the Consult Now feature. If Consult Now is turned on for the waiting area, you will see a separate tab.  From here you can invite a caller to join you, this sends a link via email or text to the caller.  With just a few clicks they are brought directly into the video call with you bypassing the normal waiting area.