TEC Telecare works in partnership with the Local Government Digital Office and TEC in Housing, and engages with telecare service providers, citizens and other key stakeholders to provide leadership and support to drive continuous improvement, transformation and innovation in telecare deployment and service delivery.

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This eLearning module has been created to increase the awareness, knowledge, and confidence of the health and social care workforce to better understand the role of telecare in assessment and support planning.

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In Phase One, three test sites developed and delivered targeted, proactive wellbeing calls, and aimed to identify factors that are critical for a person-centred, strengths-based, safe and effective approach.  

The focus was on identifying and recruiting their target population, personalising their approach to calls, risk identification and management, staff development, training and support, and liaising, referring and sign-posting to other services and community supports. 

Spring/Summer Series

We hosted 3 short lunchtime sessions in our Spring/Summer Series in June/July 2022. Thanks to all our presenters for making our 3rd Series so successful and sharing their knowledge and inspiring work with the telecare community.

Please see below for details and videos of the sessions.


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Proactive Telecare Outbound Calling phase 1 interim evaluation report from University of West of Scotland.

We are now in Phase 2 of this project and hope to have the full evaluation published by end of Nov 22.

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Small Grant Opportunity for Third and Independent Sector Organisations – Stakeholder Engagement

What is it for?

Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care Programme is supporting Telecare Service Providers across the country to redesign their services, taking advantage of new technologies and service models now available.