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A Coordinated Approach to Testing and Reporting is Crucial for Protecting Persons in Long-Term Care Facilities as well as the Staff.  17.06.2020  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) published Guidance to Member States for the development of COVID-19 surveillance in long-term care facilities.

A highly desirable revolution in digital health 12 May 2020 Tino Martí, eHealth Project Officer of the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL)

Allied Health Professionals Blog – A guide to Musculoskeletal (MSK) Digital Health consultations during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

BBC Work life article: The surprising traits of good remote leaders

Charting a post-COVID-19 future for social care 14.05.2020 By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Coronavirus: How lockdown is being lifted across Europe 25.05.2020 BBC News.

COVID-19: Insights from the Highlands in Scotland.

Danish Government launches COVIDmeter tracking service as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Diagnosis View App gives healthcare students and practitioners access to reliable information on over 1,000 common diagnoses. Advanced patient info is the starting point (free). Moving on to practitioner-level and expert-level professional resources. Developed by The University of Edinburgh with the support of the electronic health records system. Diagnosis View App

Digital Leaders – Helping digitally in the time of COVID-19 by Robin Knowles, Founder and CEO, Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders – Using AI to cope in the coronavirus era

Forbes 13 Tips for Leading and Managing Remote Teams

Healthcare IT News 20.05.2020 COVID-19: a technologist’s tale Dr Sam Shah.

Health vs. Privacy: How Other Countries Use Surveillance To Fight The Pandemic.  7 minute listen. National Public Radio (USA)

HIMSS COVID-19 Updates and Resources  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS) is a global non-profit which supports the transformation of the health ecosystem through information and technology.

How does the digital health industry support the management of the corona crisis?

Mobile apps and data at heart of European Commission coronavirus toolbox

Nesta – How COVID-19 has changed the use and communication of evidence – Seven emerging trends from the COVID-19 pandemic that have led to the return of experts and evidence

NHS National Services Scotland blog – Accelerating technology enabled care during COVID-19

Paths for all – advice and tips for homeworkers wellbeing

Removing the pump handle – stewarding data at times of public health emergency, R. Patel, Nuffield Foundation

Science Business – Chronological LIVE BLOG: R&D response to COVID-19 pandemic

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations – Update on work of the Social Housing Resilience Group set up  in response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The King’s Fund, Ben Collins – What is Covid-19 revealing about innovation in the NHS?

The Scottish COVID-19 Data and Intelligence Network Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician

UK Research and Innovation – What can we learn about COVID-19 control from China and other East Asian countries?

Understanding Patient Data 21.04.2020 Easier said than done: the challenge of transparency during Covid-19

Why Governments and Corporations Need to Demonstrate Principled Authority in the Face of Global Health Surveillance

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