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Technology and Social Connectedness – Project Documents November 2019


Reports and publications which are of interest to those developing and delivering digitally enabled health and care services. 

TEC programme data review and evaluation: options study

TEC Programme Evaluation

The national programme commissioned a piece of work to review past and present evaluative activities across the entire piece with a view to inform priorities for future evaluation – as well as developing a clear understanding of the expected outcome(s) of TEC investment (specifically at programme and workstream levels) for various groups of people over the short, medium and long term and how these are expected to be achieved.

Home and Mobile Health Monitoring Evaluation 

This report draws on evidence and valuable experience from across the TEC Funded partners in Scotland and at national level and re affirms the important foundations that our national work has delivered to date. It also  sets out key recommendations as to how we can continue to shape and inform our future national HMHM activities to support our scaling up efforts over the next few years to achieve wider population health benefits and support at scale service transformation.

End of Phase Data Report

The end of phase data report details the use of HMHM across Scotland from April 2015 through to September 2018. The report takes into account the journey taken during the TEC Programme involving the development and implementation of the HMHM Data Collection Tool.

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