Scotland’s Digital Health & Care Event DigiFest2020 – December

In December 2020 Scotland’s largest annual digital health and care event was delivered virtually!

Digital health and care solutions have had a period of rapid scale up and development. Taking time to reflect and learn about how digital solutions in Scotland and internationally have grown and been adopted was the focus of DigiFest2020.

The DigiFest2020 Steering Group, led by Margaret Whoriskey of the Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Directorate, working on the programme for the event which will highlight the range of digitally enabled services in different settings.

In addition to a programme of sessions spanning 9 days, DigiFest included an Expo area and Poster programme.

During the event the content was only available to registered attendees. The playlist is now available to all who may be interested.

A short report of DigiFest2020 is now available to view.

DigiFest2020 Playlist

To find a specific session, look at the programme and scroll through the playlist.

Day 1 – 1/12/20

DigiFest2020 Day 1 – 1/12/20 Welcome and Keynote Speech
Reflections on 2020 and Imperatives for 2021 – in conversation. Jeane Freeman: Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Stuart Currie: Health and Social Care Spokesperson, COSLA, and Pennie Taylor: Journalist
DigiFest2020 Day 1 -1/12/20 – Reflections and Imperatives for 2021 – Panel Discussion
DigiFest2020 Day 1 – 1/12/20 International reflections on a year of disruption…

Day 2 – 2/12/20

DigiFest2020 Day 2 – 2/12/20 Welcome by Nigel Henderson, CEO, Penumbra
DigiFest2020 Day 2 – 2/12/20 Balancing Sustainability and Equity

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