By Nicola.Padden, Wed, 12/04/2023

Phase 2 of Proactive Telecare Outbound Calling Tests of Change is now complete and the evaluation which was run in parallel with the project has now been published.

The evaluation was commissioned and jointly funded by the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) and the TEC Programme. The evaluation was carried out by the University of the West of Scotland.

By Nicola.Padden, Mon, 13/06/2022

Proactive Telecare Outbound Calling phase 1 interim evaluation report from University of West of Scotland.

We are now in Phase 2 of this project and hope to have the full evaluation published by end of Nov 22.

As part of Scotland’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of the Near Me video system to access appointments for health and social care was rapidly scaled up at the outbreak of the pandemic. Now, a report by experts from Oxford University has concluded that using the technology has helped to reduce the risk of infection and allowed for continued service provision.