Lunchtime Learning Bites - Autumn 2022 Series

We hosted 4 Learning Bites this series and a big thank you to all the presenters and facilitators who made it such a successful run.

Please see below for a description of each session as well as the link to watch the video and the slides used.

Many thanks to Graeme and Richard from Scotland Excel for their session on procurement on Tuesday 11th October. Video and slides below:

By Nicola.Padden, Mon, 13/06/2022

Proactive Telecare Outbound Calling phase 1 interim evaluation report from University of West of Scotland.

We are now in Phase 2 of this project and hope to have the full evaluation published by end of Nov 22.

By Nicola.Padden, Tue, 22/03/2022

Katie Harrison, Specialist OT, East Lothian HSCP, talking about the benefits of working with technology to improve support outcomes and the benefits of having a physical location where people can see, touch and feel technology before deciding if they would benefit from it.