Digital Hospital at Home

What is Hospital at Home?

Hospital at Home provides acute level care in the patients home or homely setting.  As an alternative to hospital admission, it reduces in-patient stays, and the associated drawbacks, while providing the appropriate treatment.

Hospital at Home services include:

  • Existing Hospital at Home services, predominantly for frail elderly
  • Outpatient Anti-Microbial Therapy (OPAT)
  • Respiratory
  • Heart Failure

How can digital help?

Digital is the systems, technical infrastructure and processes that enable an easier and more efficient way of working and communicating. With the right systems and know-how, we can optimise the mix of in person and remote working to best meet the needs of both staff and patients.

Our aim is to support service to improve their operation using the digital tools available, while introducing new elements such as video consulting, remote monitoring and remote working.

Using a Quality Improvement approach, backed up by sound project management we will support teams to develop, test and implement both technical solutions and best practice.  As best practice guidance is developed, it will be shared to support the rollout elsewhere via a programme of practice education.

What are we doing?

We currently have four key workstreams:

Digital Best Practice

  • Right tools for the job
  • Increase digital skills
  • Efficient remote and mobile working practices

Core Digital Systems

  • Real time access to an Electronic Patient Record
  • Data available for analysis and reporting

Remote Consultations

  • Introduction of phone and Near Me video consultations to reduce clinician travel and increase number and acuity of patients supported

Remote Monitoring

  • Introduction of remote monitoring of vital signs, with the option to monitor NEWS2
  • With improved patient safety, increase the range and acuity of patients supported

How can you get involved?

If you want to get involved, please drop us an email to