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Scottish success - two knowledge exchange Twinning projects

By TEC Team, Thu, 18/06/2020

Scotland will be participating in two knowledge exchange twinning projects funded by the ​European Commission as part of the WE4AHA project.

The objective of the twinning programme is to transfer innovation to facilitate deployment of large-scale digitally-enabled innovative solutions for health and care delivery to our ageing population.

This popular twinning programme offers an opportunity for in-depth shared learning and prepares the way for the adoption of successful good practices in digitally enabled health and care services. ​​

The first twinning will involve the TEC Programme working with the Basque Country’s Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research to exchange knowledge and practical tools to support the implementation of video-enabled consultation. This is an area of digital health that both Scotland and the Basque Country have been developing for some time and both regions have seen rapid roll-out to facilitate access to health and care at a distance, as part of their response to COVID-19. ​The TEC International Engagement Team will co-ordinate the twinning project on behalf of Scotland, organising knowledge exchange activities to share both regions’ experience of implementation, challenges and successes ​alongside supporting policy resources.

The second knowledge exchange project will involve Scotland's Digital Health & Care Institute and the City of Oulu, Finland. The objective is to improve understanding of digital solutions to support citizens at home. The ARMED digital service, which uses data collected around the clock from a digital wrist device worn by the individual, will be the the focus of this knowledge exchange. This work has relevance for people who have being discharged from hospital and require rehabilitation services and aligns with Scotland’s interest in ‘hospital to home’ services. It is expected that Oulu will learn from the experience of Scotland, assessing how to translate our home monitoring pathways into the Finnish healthcare model and Scotland will learn from the exemplar innovation collaboration approach in which the City of Oulu has significant experience.

The Twinning activities will take place between June and November 2020.

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