Knowledge Exchange Snapshots - view on-demand

By Sammi Allan, Fri, 17/06/2022

The Digital Health, Housing and Care Learning Network is supported by the Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Directorate.

Our team are delivering a number of knowledge exchange sessions during the Summer. The sessions provide opportunities for staff, with an interest in how digital tools can be used to support service delivery in health, home, and care settings, to exchange learning and experience. 

On Monday 13th June 2022 we hosted a session which included three pre-recorded Snapshots, followed by a discussion with the contributors. 

The recording is available to view:

For this group of snapshots, we asked the contributors to share lessons about different aspects of delivering digitally enabled services - from design stages right through to gathering and using the feedback from the people who use the services.


Designing for Equity of Access in a Digital World

In this Snapshot, Gillian Fyfe, who leads on the Reimagining Telecare programme, shared some reflections on designing and developing digitally enabled products and services - with the people who use them in mind.

Gillian Fyfe, Transformation Lead, Technology Enabled Care Programme, Digital Health and Care Directorate Scottish Government.

Digital training and support must target both the learners and the teachers – learning from Discover Digital

"You should be able to use technology in a way that works for you, whether it is to achieve your own health and wellbeing goals or to be able to look after someone you care for better." the ALLIANCE

Discover Digital has developed a range of resources to help people navigate digital health. Discover Digital also seeks to understand people’s needs with regards to digital health and care skills. The Snapshot shared recent work, undertaken by seven organisations, to engage seldom heard communities and find out about their experiences with digital health and care. 

Maisie Peebles, Digital Health and Care Assistant, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Feedback on Near Me consultations - what do people using Near Me think!

Near Me is the Scottish video consultation platform which enables people to attend health, social care & public sector appointments remotely. Scaled up from January 2020, Near Me is currently being used in 150+ specialities across health, social care, housing and other public sector organisations. Between February and May 2022, the end of call Survey was completed by nearly 10,000 Near Me users. In this snapshot some of the key points from this feedback were shared and discussed. 

Rosie Cooper, National Improvement Lead - Near Me Programme, Technology Enabled Care Programme, Scottish Government, Scottish Quality & Safety Fellow


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