Knowledge Exchange Session - Innovation in Care Homes Session

By Sammi Allan, Thu, 30/06/2022

The Digital Health, Housing and Care Learning Network is supported by the Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Directorate. Over the Summer we have organised a number of knowledge exchange sessions with contributions from colleagues from Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. The sessions are being delivered virtually and recorded to view on-demand.

The purpose of these knowledge exchange sessions is to provide opportunities for staff, with an interest in how digital tools can be used to support service delivery in health, home and care settings and to exchange learning and experience.

Earlier in June, we hosted a session on the subject of:Ā 

Innovation in Care Homes - Examples from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Innovative practice is flourishing in Care Homes. In this session contributors shared examples of digital tools which are being developed and used to support improvement for Care Home residents and staff. The session contributors, who came from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, are working to improve care and develop digitally enabled services. They shared examples of work underway and discussed some of the common challenges and opportunities for innovation.Ā 

The recording is available to view on-demand and the presentations are available as PDF files. * The presentation from Welsh colleagues was verbal.Ā 

Session format

Introduction by the session ModeratorĀ -

Rikke Iversholt, Social Care Lead, Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Digital Health and Care Directorate, Scottish Government

Digital Care Planning in Care HomesĀ 

Gail Meier, Lead Nurse, Care Home Tactical, Dumfries and Galloway Partnership
Kim McCall, Care Home Lead Manager for Social Work, Dumfries & Galloway Council

Digital Mental Health Question SetĀ 

Delyth James, Programme Lead, Digital Health Ecosystem Wales, Life Sciences Hub Wales
Aimee Twinberrow, Project Lead for Life Sciences Hub Wales


Tandeep Gill, Senior Business Development Manager, PainChek UK

Clear Care Dementia App: supporting trainingĀ 

Soo Hun, Innovation & Digital Eco-system lead, Digital Health and Care Northern Ireland

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