Knowledge Exchange Session - Evaluation in Digital Health and Care

By Sammi Allan, Thu, 25/08/2022

The Digital Health, Housing and Care Learning Network is supported by the Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Directorate. In recent months our team have been delivering a number of knowledge exchange sessions with colleagues from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The sessions provide opportunities for staff, who have an interest in how digital tools can be used to support service delivery in health, home and care settings, to exchange learning and experience. The recording is available to view on-demand of our recent knowledge exchange session on the topic of evaluation in digital health and care.

We were joined by contributors from Wales and Scotland, who shared their experience, the approaches they have been using, and finally, their reflections on whether digital research & evaluation is really any different to evaluation in other contexts.


Gemma Johns, Head of Research, Technology Enabled Care, TEC Cymru. 

Helen Alexander, Evaluation Manager, NHS Lanarkshire and Scottish Government (for remote health monitoring evaluation).


The recordings of the previous sessions are now available to view. To view go to: 

Knowledge Exchange Snapshots - view on-demand

For this group of snapshots, we asked the contributors to share lessons about different aspects of delivering digitally enabled services - from design stages right through to gathering and using the feedback from the people who use these services.

Knowledge Exchange Session – Innovation in Care Homes – view on-demand

In this session contributors shared examples of digital tools which are being developed and used to support improvement for Care Home residents and staff. The session contributors, who came from Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, are working to improve care and develop digitally enabled services.


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