New! Technology Hubs in Scotland Map

By Nicola.Padden, Wed, 14/06/2023

Tech Hubs Map now published!

Do you ever wonder where you can go in your local area to get some support using your technology? Do you want to be able to direct someone you work with for further advice?

Go to this page to have a look

Our Definition:

Technology hubs are places where you can go to find out about how you might use things like mobile phones, apps for your tablet, or voice assistants. They may also have information about how to access services which use technology, like telecare.

You could also find out how to access an online appointment or find out how to talk to a health professional or your bank using a video call.

Static Google Map image with an example hub info opened
An example view of a hub on the tech hub map

You can also contribute to this list if you think any hubs near you are missing. Just fill out this MS Form and we will add to the map for others to see and use as a resource.

Together we can build a useful resource for all to use and share.

If you have any further queries about this, please contact us at