Social Care & Care Homes

TEC’s Social Care & Care Homes programme supports the introduction and embedding of digital approaches and technology across social care and social work in Scotland.

By Nicola.Padden, Wed, 25/05/2022

This case study highlights the impact of Project ECHO, carried out with care home staff in Perth and Kinross in collaboration with Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership and Specialist Palliative Care Service (SPCS) as a way of providing emotional and psychological support to care home staff during unprecedented pandemic working conditions.

By Nicola.Padden, Tue, 22/03/2022

Katie Harrison, Specialist OT, East Lothian HSCP, talking about the benefits of working with technology to improve support outcomes and the benefits of having a physical location where people can see, touch and feel technology before deciding if they would benefit from it.

By Nicola.Padden, Thu, 24/02/2022

Frances Loughrey, Scottish Care, talking about the trial of a new type of role in the care sector and its potential to draw in a more diverse workforce and new models of care using technology to enhance support and as a central part of assessment.