By TEC Team, Mon, 21/09/2020

We recently had a catch up with Joyce Gray, Deputy Director of Development at Alzheimer Scotland about some of the work which has continued during the period of COVID-19 response. Joyce told us that from very early in our lockdown it was apparent that safer walking, for those which Alzheimer Scotland support, was going to be a significant feature.

By TEC Team, Tue, 09/06/2020

A key principle of telemonitoring in response to COVID-19, is that it has to be simple enough that it maximises the proportion of people who can use it, and can be deployed with minimal training given the risks of prolonging face-to-face contact.

People with COVID-19 are at risk of relatively sudden deterioration in the first two weeks of the illness. Morag Hearty, National Strategic Lead, Home and Mobile Health Monitoring, Scottish Government, working with clinical partners, have developed a telemonitoring system for following up people with COVID-19 at risk of deterioration.