HMHM Progress May 2020

By TEC Team, Tue, 19/05/2020

Progress to Date

Despite the current restrictions and draw on resources from the Covid-19 response we have continued to see a small increase in the uptake of BP monitoring. While we had initially anticipated minimal gains on our overall targets during April we are delighted to report that at least 170 new citizens have been recruited across Scotland and interestingly 16 new GP Practices activated.

Most activity has been recorded against Diagnosis and Medication Titration protocols but we are also seeing an increasing number of areas either using or planning to use the Long Term Monitoring Protocols as we move forward. As local recovery plans start to be developed we will be actively promoting the use of remote monitoring with the support of Scottish Government Primary care  leads.

Governance Structure

Given the immediate requirements for COVID, the established governance and oversight arrangements via existing HMHM governance groups and the TEC Board have been ‘paused’. In response to this and to ensure appropriate governance is in place the short life Remote Monitoring COVID Response Group has been established drawing on these existing governance arrangements (TEC Board, HMHM Procurement Board and CAG). The Remote Monitoring COVID-19 Response Group will guide, inform and make recommendations on the  application of remote health monitoring for the Response and Recovery phases of the pandemic response.