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Safer Walking

By TEC Team, Tue, 08/06/2021

Enjoying ordinary everyday life, getting out and about, feeling independent and safe and secure is important to every citizen.

Living with dementia can bring its own challenges. For example it is estimated that 40% of people with dementia will experience feeling lost or getting lost. 5% of people with dementia repeatedly feel lost or get lost. However, many of these challenges can be met by using some of the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) products that are available today.Ā 

The purpose of TEC is to make use of a wide range of technology to enhanceĀ health, wellbeing and care so that people feel safe and confident at home andĀ in their community. A package of technology can be tailored to meet individualĀ requirements and can let carers and families know how a person is doing - or ifĀ they need help.

Whilst the focus of this Note is on how Safer Walking TEC can support people living with dementia to lead as full a life as possible, it is recognised that the information in this document could have an application across other careĀ groups who may also benefit from Safer Walking TEC - such as people with cognitive impairment,Ā learning difficulties and some long-term conditions.