Proactive Telecare Services

By TEC Team, Fri, 08/01/2021

In late 2019 FarrPoint completed a review into Telecare Call Handling. The review established the call handling arrangements currently used in Scotland and recommended several improvements to the scope of telecare services and how they are delivered. One of these recommended improvements was for telecare partnerships to offer proactive services.

This study was commissioned to complete further investigation into proactive services. It objectives were to establish:

  • What are Proactive Services? Establish the potential scope of proactive telecare service(s) in Scotland.
  • Why offer Proactive Services? Determine the benefits offered by the services from a service user, service provider, and wider health & care perspective.
  • How to deliver Proactive Services? Examine how proactive services could be implemented within the existing Scottish telecare call handling arrangements.

The results of the study can be found below in the forms of a full Final Study Report and also short Summary of Study Findings

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